Synology Disk Station DS218j

Synology Disk Station DS218j

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Synology Disk Station DS218j

No. Article Name Location Description
1 Status Indicator  Front Panel Displays the status of the system. For more information, see “Appendix B: LED Indicator Table”.
2 LAN Indicator Displays the status of the network connection. For more information, see “Appendix B: LED Indicator Table”.
3 Disk Indicator Displays the status of the installed drives. For more information, see “Appendix B: LED Indicator Table”.
4 Power Button and Indicator 1.  Press to power on the Disk Station.

2.  To power off the Disk Station, press and hold until you hear a beep sound and the Power LED starts blinking.

5 Fan Back Panel Disposes of excess heat and cools the system. If the fan malfunctions, the Disk Station will emit a beeping sound.
6 LAN Port Connect a network cable here.
7 USB 3.0 Port Connect external hard drives or other USB devices to the Disk Station here.
8 RESET Button 1.  Press and hold until you hear a beep sound to restore the default IP address, DNS server, and password for the admin account.

2.  Press and hold until you hear a beep sound, then press and hold again until you hear three beep sounds to return the Disk Station to “Not Installed” status so that Disk Station Manager (DSM) can be reinstalled.

9 Kensington  Security Slot Attach a Kensington security lock here.
10 Power Port Connect the AC power adapter here.

Specifications         A

Item DS218j
Compatible Drive Type 3.5″ / 2.5″ SATA x 2
Maximum Internal Raw Capacity 20TB (2 X 10TB hard drives)
External Ports USB 3.0 x 2
LAN Port 1GbE (RJ-45) x 1
Size (H x W x D) (mm) 165 x 100 x 225.5
Weight (kg) 0.88
Supported Clients •  Windows 7 and 10

•  Mac OS X 10.11 onward

File Systems •  Internal: ext4

•  External: ext4, ext3, FAT, NTFS, HFS+, exFAT1

Supported RAID Types •  Basic  • JBOD  • RAID 0  • RAID 1

•  Synology Hybrid RAID (1-Disk Fault Tolerance)

Agency Certifications • FCC Class B  • CE Class B  • BSMI Class B
HDD Hibernation Yes
Scheduled Power On/Off Yes
Language Localization
Environment Requirements •  Line voltage: 100V to 240V AC

•  Frequency: 50/60Hz

•  Operating Temperature: 40 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)

•  Storage Temperature: -5 to 140˚F (-20 to 60˚C)

•  Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% RH

LED Indicator Table B

LED Indicator Color   Status Description
STATUS Green   Static Volume normal
Orange   Blinking Volume degraded / Volume crashed
Volume not created
DSM not installed
  Off   HDD hibernation
Front LAN Green   Static Network connected
  Blinking Network active
  Off   No network
DISK 1-2 Green   Static Drive ready and idle
  Blinking Accessing drive
Orange   Static Drive error / Port disabled1
  Off   No internal drive / Deep sleep
Power Blue   Static Powered on
  Blinking Booting up / Shutting down
  Off   Powered off
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